A Newsletter for Ethereum devs, and not-so-devs.

Welcome to The Ethernaut Diaries.

This is a newsletter by an Eth dev, for Eth devs... And for non devs too! As long as you’re willing to dip your toes in the Ethereum cosmic pool a little bit.

We all know that there’s fantastic newsletters out there already, like Bankless, The Daily Gwei, and Week in Ethereum News, which all do a superb job in keeping us Eth-fit. However, my aim is to fill the gap of that kind of content, but aimed at the tech or semi-tech savvy.

Yes, the focus will be on the technical stuff, but it will be light, and fluffy, and nice, I promise ^^

We won’t go too deep into a topic, but it won’t be ELI5 either. Maybe ELI6, or ELI7? Let’s say ELI ^5.0.0 for now.

We’ll address topics and questions that you might be postponing because you never have the time to do the research, such as:

  • How do you spin up a Graph Protocol subgraph?

  • How exactly is COMP minted and distributed?

  • How does Compound governance work?

  • How do you interact with <x> protocol via Etherscan?

  • How can you navigate the Etherspace in your own mainnet fork and play whale?

  • And much more…

I’ll do my best to compress the content as much as possible, so that you can digest it even after you’ve just deployed 13 contracts on mainnet, 3 days after your deadline, realized there was a critical bug, and fixed it.

Who am I?
I’m Alejandro Santander, from Uruguay, author of the game Ethernaut, currently a dev at Aragon, ex OpenZeppelin. I’ve created things like Pocketh, and Aragon’s Buidler plugin, helped build things like Aragon Connect. You may also have heard of me from articles I wrote, like Deconstructing a Solidity Contract, or My First Aragon App: Voting supercharged with DAOstack’s Holographic Consensus.

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